Let`s get to plant life which is numerous, that`s why I`ll list most memorable and important.
So let`s begin: Acid mushroom, Creepvines and Creepvine seed cluster, Table coral, Giant coral tubes, Gel sack, Bloodvines, Deep shroom, Brain coral, Lantern Fruit, Marblemelons and Chinesse potato. Acid Mushroom is the first plant you will encounter in game as it is necessary material to make batteries which is essential component for your survival in the game. Next ones are giant coral tubes, when you use your knife on these you can get corals from them which are used with salt deposit to make bleach, which is necessary for making more efficent water suplies. Water made out of bladder fish gives you +20 water while cleared water from bleach give you +30. Similar to them we have red coral table`s or just coral table`s. They are only used in making computer chips which are another essential for electronics. Same as coral tubes you get them after using a knife on them.

acid tube table

Further more we have Creepvine and Creepvine seed cluster. For these you will have to visit creepvine forest where stalkers previously mentioned dwell. From creepvine you can make fibers which are needed for making diving suits. Seed cluster are much more important as they are used in making rubber and lubricant, which are important in many different things. Now we have Brain coral, this brainy looking coral will suply you with +10 of oxygen each second, then it will go on cooldown for couple of seconds. It will pop a bubble 3 times in row, if you colide with it you will get as said amount of you know what. Next on the list are Gel sacks which are used to make aerogel which are used on upgrades and late game vehicle`s. They can be also used in Bioreactor to gain additional power for your base. Bloodvines are looking similar to creepvines, but the use is simillar to gel sacks. They give you bood oil, which is used in crafting to make benzene.

creeps brain gel blood

That`s all for underwater plants, next up are land plant`s. Yup there is land and a lot of land plants but only 3 are vital to you, rest of them can be as decor or to change variety of the game. Let`s start of with some marblemelons. First of use knife on them to get seeds, that`s mistake i often made when I was new to the game. And they are on the 3rd place out of these 3 land titans everyone uses. Next up are chinesse potato`s and they are similar to marblemelons although they grow more in amount of pieces you get, so 2nd place it is. And last but not least, are Lantern fruits/tree`s. These give huge amount of the fruit and if you plant couple of those in your base and submarine you`ll be good for the rest of the game.

marble potato fruit